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Support Lukasevich for commissioner

Published May 07. 2019 01:31PM

I am a strong supporter of Chris Lukasevich in his campaign for county commissioner. From 1970 to 1972, I was an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers. During my time in the service, I had the opportunity to meet many other officers. Through them, I learned a lot about what being a true leader really meant. Some of these officers, not all, displayed the ability to understand the many issues associated with their assignments, plan strategies for those assignments, and then execute the assignments skillfully. The fine officers listened to the men under them and always seemed receptive to their communications.

Unfortunately, some of the officers I observed did not come with all these skills. Chris Lukasevich comes with all these skills. I have gotten to know Chris Lukasevich through his campaign. It has become fairly obvious to me that he has the entire package. His history in the service demonstrates this. He started as an enlisted man out of Jim Thorpe Area High School. He was able to rise to the rank of sergeant first class, special forces, within his first nine years in the service. He then went on to reach the rank of full bird colonel as an officer in special forces.

He has incredible energy, creativity, drive, and leadership skills. He knows how to make intricate plans and execute them well. He listens carefully to what others have to say. His tremendous leadership skills will permit him to shape and execute solutions to solve the county’s problems. County residents should consider voting for him and be proud that he is part of our community.

Armin Feldman



Good afternoon. Vote wisely. People like Chris Lukasevich and Jason Frye are the ones that understand thd concept of public servics. A government of, by and for the people.

As long as we remove all the incumbents, the citizen-based government we have works. It is those longer term politicians that tend to have the stickiest lobbyists.

Transparency is the key. Good luck Chris.

If elected, you will be giving this community back what we paid to give to you as a serviceman, leadership skills. We could use someone with leadership skills in Carbon.

Running for office is a noble idea, a nice way to give back and pay it forward all at the same time. Not bad. Get me some of your signs.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

PS. If we remove all the current incumbents from all elected positions and limit those that have failed to Honor their oath when they held office in the past, we as a community are effectively imposing term limits. All within our control as citizens, our community, our choice. Thank you!

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