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Police seize fentanyl, guns, cash in Jim Thorpe bust

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Published March 07. 2019 08:57PM


Jim Thorpe police arrested a man Thursday during a raid which also netted 750 packets of fentanyl, marijuana and handguns.

Rock-Eagle Acevedo, 33, faces drug and weapons charges. Acevedo is prohibited from possessing firearms because of a past conviction.

Jim Thorpe Police executed a search warrant at Acevedo’s home on the 1100 block of Broadview Drive in the borough on Thursday, after an investigation which took place over the last two months. They were assisted by the Carbon County Drug Task Force and the Office of the Attorney General Bureau of Narcotics.

“Our guys, in conjunction with the task force, did an awesome job in helping to get over 700 bags of fentanyl and a major drug dealer off the street,” Jim Thorpe Police Chief Joe Schatz said.

“A lot of people don’t realize how powerful fentanyl is. While our guys were going through the evidence, we had to have three or four doses of Narcan on hand in case one of them went down. It’s very dangerous and hats off to everyone involved for this find.”

Prior to obtaining the search warrant, police conducted surveillance and spoke with confidential informants about possible drug activity at the Broadview Drive address and another address on Center Avenue.

When police searched the Broadview Drive address on Thursday, they allegedly found 610 packets containing what they believe to be heroin or fentanyl in the master bedroom bathroom.

Another 140 packets were found in the kitchen. The packets were stamped “Playboy” with a rabbit logo. Many were sorted into packs of 50, which is known as a “brick,” police said.

Police also located 21.7 grams of marijuana, a hash brownie, and THC oil.

Inside the master bedroom closet, police found two firearms — a .45 caliber and a .22 caliber. A .38 caliber was located in another closet. Police didn’t say whether the firearms were legally registered.

Officers also located $1,105 in a dresser in the master bedroom.

Jim Thorpe Police have charged Acevedo with illegally possessing a firearm, drug possession with intent to deliver, and other drug charges.

Magisterial District Judge Eric Schrantz arraigned Acevedo on the charges and set bail at $30,000, citing the fact that Acevedo is facing two felony charges.

A preliminary hearing before Schrantz was scheduled for later this month.


A criminal of Puerto Rican descent. Who's to blame? Well that would be Republican, William McKinley. Accepting Puerto Rico as a territory in 1898. A long tradition of poor decisions by Republicans made solely through a mind set of imperialism and profit.
Of profit? How so? P.R. costs us $$$$, especially after operation "Bootstrap". This island was an experiment by Democrats, who touted "Democray" (socialism) and welfare for this money pit. We gave them education, to indoctrinate them in this new "Democracy". Now they could read and write.
Thousands of old slum dwellings were torn down and replaced by modern housing ($$$$$).
The welfare state never left the island, it infested it. That wasn't from McKinley. Granted, McKinley didn't consider government or political doctrine of these people at his time, but, he didn't strike the deal out of greed. Look it up again and do your research. This sh _ _ hole costs us big bucks, and no return. Why?
But what the heck does any of this have to do with the crisis of heroin?
Heroin is destroying this country, and it flows in over that southern boarder. I'm not thinking P.R. replaced the cane crop with poppy's just yet. RU some kind of idiot?
1898, Republican loser McKinley jumped on it because of the sugar cane trade. Big money, Monkey Boy Mike! Subscribe to real history not the Republican Revisions. If it's costing us now than the Republican's misguided greed got us there.
Sugar was a worthwhile resource to secure. Now looking at history, you can't forget the Spanish American War. The year 1898 was when Spain relinquished control over the territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Phillippines. During the Peace Talks (September same year), the U.S. was ceded P.R.
Military strategy was first and foremost our interest, not sugar.
Got that sugar?
RUK are you really serious? You blame President McKinley for this dating back to 1898? That is your stated position. This offender most probably doesn’t even know who McKinley was. What a ludicrous position. You will do anything to disparage Republicans. Finger pointing back 120 years is downright crazy. RUK your ignorance is on full display. You have Trump Derangement Syndrome. You are blinded by hatred then, you insult PR. Who are you? I will tell you who you are. You are a low intellect punk with serious mental issues. You are a condescending insulting jerk. All you do is insult every ethic or regional group of people. If you had any standards at all, you would be ashamed of yourself. Keep it up.
A long tradition of ignorance is the problem. Rock Eagle is Indian. Easy sentencing by d's is the problem - the guy should not have been on the streets. Blaming a Republican for a decision made in 1898 (which made strategic sense at the time), for a punk having herion tells me you are a mind numbed robot.
Look up these criminal organizations, the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel, these remain to be the greatest criminal drug threat in the United States. Why? How does this happen? The cartels are the principal wholesale drug sources for domestic gangs responsible for street-level distribution here in the U.S.
They also contribute to the Democrats, and that's just one reason the Democrats now resist something they didn't in the past. Heck, they now say the wall is immoral. You can't make this up, and you can't fight it.
The day Americans realize skin color has no contribution to a person’s desire to commit a crime; will be the day America becomes great again.
I believe once you strip away the race, color, religion, political affiliation and all that other nonsense you are looking at the same criminal person. I have friends from Puerto Rico. Great people, hard workers.

I know this Acevedo family. The kids were all born here. DO NOT LUMP THEM IN WITH ALL PUERTO RICANS. The Acevedo kids are drug dealing rapist ASSHOLES. Search this site you’ll see. The parents should be ashamed of themselves. They did a horrible job.

The only one with any hope is Coyote. The fact that children and youth haven’t taken him out of this home proves the system is broken.

Mike and RUK, Don’t waste your breath or emotion or agenda on the Acevedo’s. They’re not worth it. It’s their BEHAVIOR not their race, or religion, or political affiliation.
I said nothing of the perp. I replied about PR's history, which has nothing to do with the junk being sold by Acevedo. At times, I'd like to lop of the fingers of these dealers, but then I recall... "Vengance is mine says the Lord".

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