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Police: Man tried to trade nude photos of girl, 9

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Published February 06. 2019 07:23PM

A Mahoning Township man is charged with sending an undercover officer nude photos he took of a 9-year-old girl.

Sean James Balint, of Lynwood Drive, was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of disseminating photos of child sex acts and child pornography.

The Washington, D.C., Metro Police Department contacted Mahoning Township Police in late December with information about possible child abuse.

An undercover officer with the department’s Child Exploitation Task Force had been in contact with a man known as “LehightonGuy,” on Kik, a free cellphone messaging app where users can send videos to other users and groups of users.

Officers were able to trace the account to Balint through the Google email address and IP address he used to set up the Kik account.

According to court records, Balint said he had pictures he had taken of a 9-year-old girl and wanted to trade for other pictures with someone who had photos of a girl who was 11 years old.

He said he had previously exchanged the photos with another man who had taken pictures of another child.

Balint is reported to have said, “I delete pretty often so wife won’t see them.”

Court records say he bragged to the officer about sexually abusing the girl from the time she was an infant.

He was unable to post bail and was sent to Carbon County Correctional Facility. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 20 in front of Magisterial District Judge Casimir T. Kosciolek.

So please enlighten us on how this has anything to do with trump? Each day you prove more and more that you are one of the least educated people in Carbon County. A man in lehighton Pa has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump. You have seriously lost touch with reality.
The only deviant is you Digginout. You should probably Dig your head out of the hole you have it buried in!
New account. Diggingout@1 has been reported to the times news. They won’t do anything about it. Free speech is one thing, but when you constantly stereotype people based on what party they MAY belong too, that’s ignorant. And I’m glad more people are saying something about it.
The complete erroneous comments about some idiot with child pornography being politically fueled is just absurd! The moron who takes someone changing a tire as being pro trump because they have to buy a tire is just incredible! (For the jerk who doesn't understand sarcasm and analogies, just stop reading) The only attention this asshole is getting is the attention of that of which someone who has psychological issues and is afraid to acclimate themselves to the world and society. These rediculious comments this moron posts just proves that not only are they completely uneducated, but doesn't have anything productive to provide to himself, his family, or society. Diggingout is a waste of working citizens who make something of themselves without political biased remarks over every single issue that makes it to the news. The battery of senseless comments posted by this idiot proves also that mommy should have stopped changing his diaper in high school because it's obvious that the narrowminded waste of human flesh that consumes this idiot is not a productive individual physically, emotionally, or even socially.
I will say shame on TN for allowing this fool to continuously and rediculiously comment with such little common sense. Freedom of speech, maybe they should eliminate the senseless aspect.
As we comment he sits back and laughs, he is obviously a troll with nothing better to do but to see how people react to his posts.
If you think this man sending child pornography has ANYTHING to do with Trump you’re a fucking idiot. This man owns a business not even a mile away from the school district part of Lehighton and all you can say is MAGA??? Who knows if he was able to get to any children while running his business. His poor wife and children, this is completely awful. You can’t go anywhere anymore without there being some sicko there. I heard from a bunch of people he was adding random people on Facebook.. probably not to get clientele for his business, but probably to get pictures of everyone’s children. Fuck this guy.
I'm glad to see others chime in about the totally out of line comments from one DiggingOut@1.
It's a pathetic morally bankrupt person that continually makes the same comment no matter what the topic is. Truly sad.
I'm glad to see others chime in about the totally out of line comments from one DiggingOut@1.
It's a pathetic morally bankrupt person that continually makes the same comment no matter what the topic is. Truly sad.
I think digging out is a closet pedophile and should just be put to death with the others! Stop wasting good air decent people could be breathing.
There's only like a dozen or so of us that really comment on this stuff regularly. Everybody knows now what DO's going to post. I don't think it's a big deal. I say let DO be. It's free speech. I don't think anyone has ever said all Republicans are deviant or that all deviants are Republicans. Although the Senate demographics don't look good.

I think DO is a far right Republican and is doing this to force you to look closely at your Republican Party, get off the couch and try to make changes.

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