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A new low

Published October 09. 2018 12:58PM

Dear Editor,

President Trump had a new low yesterday. He was mocking Christine Ford for her testimony about Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct to her. The president was going on about Christine Ford’s loss of memory about details of the incident.

I have also been sexually abused when I was young a long time ago. This is the first time I have revealed this publicly and except for my wife never told anyone about it. I was sexually abused repeatedly by a family member and I cannot remember the details myself. I always tried to forget it. I wish I could forget the whole thing.

Christine Ford has the courage to come out in front of the whole world to tell everyone about her most embarrassing time of her life.

She has nothing to gain by this but is being threatened by many Trump supporters. She felt it was her patriotic duty to tell her side of the story.

I do not think a judge should be decided by only one side of the Senate but should appeal to all sides since he will make decisions for all Americans, not just for some.

R. Renninger


Was it improper yes , but why is it that a women makes an accusation and the man is automatically guilty. Are some men pigs ... yes do all women tell the truth
A mocking behavior involves laughing at someone or something in an unkind way, the President did not do that. The President merely repeated the actual dialogue that took place during the hearing.
There is a process for this, and it was adhered to. As a male, you need to know that I feel great pain for what happened to you.

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