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Get a flu shot

Published January 26. 2018 10:11PM

To the editor:

I found the recent article concerning flu shots and the 1918 influenza epidemic quite thought provoking.

I find it mind-boggling that there are people, who still refuse to get the flu shot. What’s even worse, is that there are so-called parents, who claim they love their children, but refuse to get them vaccinated. They offer religious reasons and other idiotic nonsense as an excuse.

I had two aunts who died at 3 and 5 years of age due to the influenza epidemic. Although I never met them, I have a picture of both of them, lying together in a casket. Is that how you want to remember your loved ones?

Richard Ochs


You are funny why should we waist the time to get a flu shot that is only 10% effective? As reported from the news.
The 10% number is coming from estimates of effectiveness of a single strain in Australia and is unfortunately being circulated in the U.S. The CDC does not know the effectiveness until the season is over. According their website, the flu vaccine was about 40% effective last season. 40% improvement in your odds to not to get the flu seems to me to not be a "waist" of time, especially for children and the elderly.
It still is ,as getting this does NOT keep you from getting the flu. IF it was able to do that the CDC would have no idea which strain is out there before hand to give the right vaccine.
What are you credentials exactly? The medical community is nearly unanimous in its support of flu shots as a means to decrease flu related fatalities. Whether it is 40%, 80% or 10% the flu shot saves lives and here you are trying to dissuade people from getting it. Do you encourage people to smoke too?
Wow you are really deep , if my 1 comment dissuades some people from getting a flue shot then I could sell a snowball to an eskimo! And people are as stupid as I think they are ! As for your last line, if I had stock in big tobacco I would most certainly love for sales to be up .... make me more money! If you want to get a flu shot knock your self out. Ask your self how does the CDC know what strain of flu is out there to give you the right shot? Answer it doesn't until the flu is out there
CDC uses a scientific method to predict the strains that may be circulated in the upcoming year. Just because it is not 100%, does not mean it is a "waist" of time. Show me a medical procedure, drug or therapy that is 100%.

What people say and write matters. You clearly are not educated or credentialed in a medical profession that would make you an expert therefore you should not be telling your neighbors that Flu Shots are a waste of time. Drs , who do have the education, disagree with you. If you are suggesting this is out of financial gain, that would make no sense. Preventative care actually cuts into Dr's revenue!
First you brought up the 100% effective thing. So last time I looked , voted and paid taxes, this was still the USA so my First amendment right is alive and well . Now as for the education, I never said I was an expert you did and you seem to think you are. I do have multiple years of education past what you would call high school so just because I choose another path does not make the medical field any smarter than I am, Oh and amputation is the answer to your 100% question.
I'm not an expert, I have been clear that Drs are the ones educated in this and I am referencing their expertise. This has nothing to do with intelligence but instead it is education. You can use you're first amendment rights all you want but that right has consequences when the person exercising it is not doing so responsibly. It is irresponsible to spread misinformation, with no expertise, that could influence someone's health decisions.
1st Amendment is not contingent on anyone paying taxes. Regardless, the commenter is not Congress and was not restricting your right to speak. They were restricting their ears from hearing such BS.
Go to the top of the page scroll over the news link and scroll down what is the next link that you need to click on to get to Letters to the Editor? Opinion is the answer and here is the definition in case you do not know it. <a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge: >

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