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Freedom rings, thanks to our WWII veterans

Published October 07. 2019 12:44PM

Ronald Reagan warned us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

“It must be fought for, protected, and handed on to them (future generations) to do the same,” the Gipper stated.

That principle inspired George Ciampa, a World War II veteran, to create Let Freedom Ring, a nonprofit organization focused on educating today’s generation on the importance of being free.

Ciampa was a skinny 18-year-old weighing just 112 pounds when he landed on June 6, 1944, (D-Day) in Normandy, France. Over the next 11 months, he and others from the 607th Graves Registration Company handled the remains of soldiers who were killed. The unit gathered about 75,000 corpses, recovering their personal items, putting their bodies in mattress covers and burying them in temporary graves.

After returning home from Europe, Ciampa wanted to forget the war. It wasn’t until 50 years later during his first trip back to France since the war that he told family members what he had witnessed, and tried to contact others he had served with in Europe.

As a teen, Ciampa saw how people in Europe lost their freedom when Nazi Germany occupied their countries in an attempt to conquer the continent. Now 93, he realizes that too many people today take freedom for granted, never realizing that it could be taken away. Ciampa still visits schools to teach younger generations about what he calls “the high cost of freedom.”

He is also a documentary film producer. After visiting Normandy 2007, he made his sixth and last documentary, “D-Day Veterans Return to Normandy” which was featured in the G.I. Film Festival and shown across the country on more than 90 PBS stations.

His quest to pass on history to a generation of younger Americans is crucial.

Of the 16 million Americans who served in World War II, about 496,770 were alive in 2018, according to Veterans Affairs figures collected by the National WWII Museum. Every day, on average more than 300 die, taking with them a personal eyewitness account to wartime history. Gordon “Nick” Mueller, president and CEO emeritus of the National WWII Museum, said that “every time a veteran dies, a library burns.”

Many liberal professors and history revisionists ignore or certainly downplay many pivotal events in history.

The Holocaust is a prime example. Last year, a study commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany revealed that two-thirds of all U.S. millennials didn’t know what the Auschwitz concentration camp was, and many others had no idea of the magnitude of the Holocaust. Four out of 10 believed 2 million or fewer Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust. The actual number is about 6 million.

This disconnect to history may impact modern society. The FBI estimates that hate crimes have spiked nationwide, and between 2014 and 2017, anti-Semitic attacks rose 54 percent.

A recent survey also found that most incidents of hate and bias in schools go unreported, and the perpetrators face no discipline.

A group of California teenagers even documented themselves making Nazi salutes and posing with swastikas. Volker Benkert, an assistant professor of history at Arizona State University, called that behavior the “ultimate publication for attention.”

He said when veterans and Holocaust survivors die, their stories will be relegated to cultural memory, which have less impact than the lived experiences of individuals.

It’s been 75 years since George Ciampa experienced both the horrors and heroics of war while serving in the European Theater of war. When speaking to young students today, Ciampa stresses that without the brave men and women of his generation, the world would be a different place.

Ciampa said all he can do is talk to kids in schools, and that it’s up to the schools and universities to do their part. Given the age we’re living in, we can’t wait for schools and colleges to suddenly pivot to deliver the unfiltered truth.

It’s grizzled veterans like Ciampa who can best deliver what the school text books and college professors are ignoring. He and his comrades in arms lived it … allowing our freedom to ring today.

By Jim Zbick |

Bravo! Bravo!
It's unfortunate these hero's are almost national treasures past. How sad that the educators have fallen in to the hands of the very ones Ciampa,s generation fought against.
Sadly how the left wing controlled education system chooses to ignore the ugly history of communism and it's aggression and killings (genocide). The educators rather, paint a picture of peace and victimization at the hands of western imperialism, when teaching of socialism (Communism).
They promise social justice, but it will only deliver mass enslavement, widespread misery, social distrust, and severe punishment, yet the people fall in line. The Schools districts push curricula and policies forcing our children to cater to identity politics, environmentalism, transgenderism, and so much other baloney, and it's confusing them and the parents, as they all just fall in line.

Does this "picture that educators paint" include our president congratulating china on their 70 years of communism? Or wanting a communist country to investigate our leaders instead of of our own justice departments? Or praising an ex KGB officer and autocrat as a fine moral leader?

Please list me one history book used in the public schools or universities that covers the 20th century that ignores genocide in communist countries.
Our president stated loud and clear, "We Will Never Be A Socialist Country".
Trump calls for them to investigate these things on their end. You drink the milk of main stream media... funny. Try chewing some meat Joe.
You and I see things very different. You must be highly educated.
Mike, as normal, when I ask you to provide proof of a claim, you ignore it. So let’s try again, name one 20th century world history textbook or class curriculum and school that omits reporting of the genocide committed by some communist regimes. You made the claim making it sound commonplace so this is not too hard of an ask.
“Sadly how the left wing controlled education system chooses to ignore the ugly history of communism and it's aggression and killings (genocide). The educators rather, paint a picture of peace and victimization at the hands of western imperialism,“

I’m asking you to defend that statement with examples.
Come on Joe. Your textbook on the “quest for truth” has many blank pages...perhaps that is why things are so tiring for you. You would rather squabble than read to clarify things, I suppose. The entire educational system is liberal biased. I could give many examples. For the sake of brevity, I will not. College Professors give 95% of their donations to Democrats. I do not live in your area, however, an elementary school near me has a jar in the teacher’s break room that is for fines when a teacher says “Trump” and is overheard by another teacher. Do you think this is for affections for President Trump? My nephew (different school) was recently asked to write a paper on, “why Trump is a lousy President.” Isn’t this a little biased, Joe? How about, “who is your favorite President & why?” How about Colleges that welcome Criminals and Communist speakers as they shun conservative speakers? How about conservatives that get requests for commencement speeches withdrawn (Condoleezza Rice)? Liberals realize that young children are easily impressionable and ply the tactics in “Rules For Radicals” to change them. The ends justify the means policy is in full effect. If you do not realize this, you haven’t been to a school in a while. Years ago, I was offered a Professorship at a college. The President of the school joked that if I were a Republican, all the other Professors would be down to look at me. Incidentally, I didn’t mention that I was a conservative. I suspect that as an ROTC Professor he suspected that I was a Republican. I turned the position down. If you can not see the bias toward liberals in the entire educational system you are blind. A conservative student or teacher has to use restraint in order to exist. What a shame since the quest for knowledge should be open from all directions since understanding the opposite viewpoint makes you a better person. This is the liberal platform, ignore what you do not want to hear, deflect understanding and work the media to repeat the lies. Liberalism fails whenever the truth is found out about it. America is great.
When you make up statistics you can’t believe anything you wrote. Kindly supply the source of the data showing that 95% of college professors donations are to Democrats. Once you do that I’ll happily discuss the rest of your post.
Keep your head in the sand Joe. Same old way to ignore what you do not want to hear. 39% of Colleges do not have any Republican Professors at all. 80% of Colleges have so few Republicans as to be statistically inconsequential. 12/1 is the ratio of D/R Professors overall.
Same old Joe. Source please. Oh, that is not a credible source. Source denied, ignored and refused no matter what. Remain ignorant. Keep it up Joe. Catch the Trump Rally in MAGAsota tonight. Awesome! Your head will explode when Trump gets re-elected.
You are highly educated, so, go look in the mirror, that's all the proof you need.
Stop with the ridiculous questioning.
Hey, did you see the document from Ukraine that shows Ukrainian officials had opened a new probe into the firm linked to Hunter Biden months before President Trump's phone call? Whad-ya-make of that? Trump out fishes you and your globalist dolts again. Wow! getting tired of winning over here Joe.
Hey Joe,
You and your liberal brigade of obstructing do nothing legislators in the Demoncrat party can't stop this president. If God is for you, who can come against!
How's about you and that sweetie, Kamala, stop throwing your ignorant two cents in on the way our POTUS is handling the middle east. Your kid from Kenya had his shot, and he only emboldened the enemy. Call you DNC buddies, and ask them to back off the playground kiddie stuff so the adults can concentrate on the adult matters.
You crack me up Joe. Hunter Biden... where's he at these days? Rehab? Jail?
Mike, read your posts and ask yourself if this is the Christian witness you seek to provide. Let’s start with the dishonesty of having two profiles on here that interact with each other so you can make it look like there is consensus on your points.

The issue isn’t whether the firm should be investigated, its using your power to pressure foreign governments to prosecute your political foes. It’s using foreign aid intended to help Ukraine defend itself to try to clear his friend Putin.

Fine, you don’t like democrats and you love trump. But someday the democrats will have the whitehouse and this precedence that trump has established will be routine if the checks on power created by the founding fathers are not respected.

As you know, three of our sons served, you never did. Keep on the subject of Military and Commander's in Chief. Under the Kenyan, we actually negotiated with the terrorists, do you recall the deserter?
Retired Army Master Sgt. Mark Allen died on Saturday, 10 years after he was shot while looking for a missing soldier in Afghanistan back in 2009. He was 46.

Allen was unable to walk or speak since being shot in the head by a sniper in July 2009 during his attempted search for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his base in Afghanistan and was imprisoned by the Taliban for five years.

That blood is on the Kenyan, the worst president we ever, ever, had.
Before you continue you ignorant support for the confused left, consider the patriots who died to maintain the freedoms you enjoy. Show some respect for people other than "Joe".

Right on Mr. Meyers. The errors of President Obama’s Bowe Bergdahl debacle were just a news headline to you Joe. Elevating a traitor and embracing incompetence was a hallmark of Obama’s policies. Master SGT Mark Allen paid full price for those errors. My house will stand down in honor of Mark Allen. Five Taliban criminals were traded to get Bergdahl back. This made the debacle even worse. These criminals are back in the fight against America. Obama was the worst President America ever had. Watch out for paper-cuts Joe. R.I.P. Mark Allen, MSGT, USA. I am in awe of you and your deeds. May God continue to bless the USA and our warriors.
Amen... We have been, and will be, Great!
Just keep the playground bullies in check.
This adults need to straighten out the messes from the Kenyan.
I give Mr. Zbick THUMBS UP
Such B.S. again Levite. To keep backing this occupant is again, laughable. The height of GOP platform used to respect law enforcement. How quickly that has changed. Our FBI and CIA take an Oath of Honor to defend our Constitution. 90 Formers National Security Officials just signed a letter defending the Whistleblower. This maniac occupant is brain dead. The GOP Congress not speaking out shows they are Cowards. To stand for America doesn't matter, just the greed of staying in power. Hope they can sleep at night. Will the GOP ever recover is my question.
The irony of this all is that the act of reaching out to dictators to prosecute their political foes is something Stalin or Mao would do. Mike thinks it’s ok.
No Joe, it upsets me to see the behaviors of Kerry, Biden, and Hillary.
Nope, it's not OK with this Mike.
Kaptain Ketchup even admits his folly Joe...
President Trump is great. The CIA & FBI were ordered by Obama to do terrible things. Comey and several others forgot their “Oath of Honor” and attempted a silent coup just because they did not like election results. Trump 2020...for sure. Watch as things develop. Trump should get 4 extra years because of democrat resistance to his awesome agenda caused a hindrance to America. Got collusion? Ha. Democrats fail whenever the truth about them is found out.
Of course you oppose it, you have 2 brain cells. See, having an intelligent president matters

Now let’s try this: any problem with the senior trump officials using WhatsApp on personal phones for official communications?
Your problem is you don't listen to words of people when they speak. You are too busy formulating the debate, or in your case, the argument.
This president clearly said he would not announce his military moves. Come on Joe, you sit there at your slimey keyboard, pretending to have better insight than the POTUS. He'll take care of what has to be done. My question for all you ass hole Trump haters is... What does it feel like to distract and obstruct the daily activities of the POTUS? You idiots just don't let up! If he screws up, the blood is partially on your hands too..
On top of all the tasks at hand, he has to deal with the children and there little IMPEACH act. You folks are treasonous in my thinking. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Let the guy strategize without comment from the peanut gallery. Joe iis the nut of all pee nuts.
Right on AL. No one has any insider information to work with, yet, they are quick to criticize President Trump. It is all hate all the time. Yet, when Trump’s idea works we hear any contrition? No. Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display.
Oh look Rambo just changed his mind on Syria. That didn’t take long.

So he who opposes personal servers for government email....any problem with the trumpies using WhatsApp?!?!
Come on “flippant Joe”, is there anything President Trump has ever done to your satisfaction? You should have such high standards for yourself.
How does it make the POTUS look, when these dolts continue to throw mud?
It's time to take all power away from the children.
It's time to vote the entitled fools out of the way.
These child like haters need to be put in place!
Get out and vote people.
Stop the cable too, it only funds the lame stream media.
Have a great day Rambo
Ha! This from a guy who spent 8 years telling the world Obama was illegitimate because he was born in Kenya...ignoring all the proof he wasn’t.

My views on trump are shared by the majority of the country and now even 1/3 of republicans are supporting impeachment. Find me one person in the know(who is not a mouthpiece of trump) who supports this action in Syria.
Hey idiot... did you serve in the forces?
Did you have any children serve?
What the heck do you know? You're an over educated number cruncher who probably lives in mommies basement. What do you know of Syria? Hit the road Joe.
You are an annoyance, just like all the rest of your tribe. Big boy time, go sit at the kiddie table.
Perhaps there is a reader who is contemplating their faith and they read your posts with “hey idiot” and come to believe this is how the faithful act. We can disagree, but name calling is overboard.
Joes right I almost accepted Jesus then saw Levite call joe an idiot, now I reject Jesus and will go to hell. Lol just kidding, I like warmer weather anyway .... I couldn’t give up my moral living to become Christian
Broad generalization Tony. The true Christians have a moral life, the fake ones lie on message boards and contort their faith to accept immorality. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because you had a bad experience with a few, or even many Christians, that they are all immoral.
Joe I was being sarcastic, I don’t think there are actually any “on the verge” people who will be scared one way or another over words written In times news comments section.
Having said that, I’m well aware of many religions, I’ve probably read the Bible cover to cover more than you, I’m also reading the Quran and learning about satanism as we speak.
Experience doesn’t make a good qualifier wether something is true or not, because if I spoke glowingly about church I could still have had bad experiences.
Blaming lack of religiousness on a bad experience is a lazy cop out.
No, I’m calling out your suggestion that Christianity and morality can’t co-exist. I could care less if your religious or not.

I’m being sarcastic to a degree. Mike likes to use his faith as a weapon in these debates but fails to demonstrate Christian behavior.
I agree it’s separate, that was my point. Your statement suggested being a Christian meant you had no morality. That would be connecting them.
I guess we can argue this another day, but one could make the case there is plenty of immorality passed off as morality within Christianity.

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