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Carbon to donate 26 acres of Packerton Yards property to Lehighton

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    This map depicts the Packerton Yards property. Carbon County has agreed to donate about 26 acres of the property to Lehighton Borough to be used for recreational purposes. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Published March 09. 2019 07:15AM


Carbon County has agreed to donate about half of the Packerton Yards property to Lehighton to be used for recreational purposes.

County Commissioner Wayne E. Nothstein confirmed Friday that the county will donate about 26 acres, which is in the flood plain, to the borough.

“Yes, we are looking to give that to the borough of Lehighton,” Nothstein said. “Basically to the county, that is unfeasible land for economic development, but it’s probably well-suited for recreation.”

Nothstein added that all of the property being donated is located inside the borough line, and not on the Mahoning Township side.

However, he said there is no written agreement in place, adding that they are still working on other details with the railroad and the right of way for access to the property.

Nothstein said the county plans to keep the other 25 acres on the Packerton Yards property, as it has “no plans for that right now.”

Improved boating and fishing access

Dennis DeMara and Chris Strohler from the Wildlands Conservancy met with Lehighton Borough Council on Monday to recap the progress and events with the Lehigh River Access Project.

Strohler, a senior conservation planner, said that Wildlands Conservancy previously approached the borough a few years ago.

“There’s always been interest from the boating and fishing community for public access at Dunbar’s Beach,” Strohler said. “We were looking into the possibility of constructing a more formal boat launch and fishing access at Dunbar’s Beach.”

Strohler said that the county owns a significant portion of the property just to the north of Dunbar Bottling Company and has agreed to donate 26 acres to the borough that the county and borough would subdivide.

He said the borough has agreed to facilitate the subdivision, and the borough’s engineer is working with the county on that, Strohler said.

“We are still very interested in this project,” he said. “We have been talking to the Palmerton Restoration Trustee Council who would provide funding for the construction of a boat launch, and this location is a high priority for the Restoration Council to provide better access at this site.”

Strohler said that as soon as the borough can take ownership of the county land and the other portion of the property at Dunbar’s Beach, the commission could then subdivide and transfer it into the borough’s ownership.

The borough does not own Dunbar’s Beach outright — it is owned by the Lehigh Canal Recreation Commission, for which the borough is one of seven members of the commission who own the Lehigh Canal through Carbon County.

Therefore, he said the borough would be able to have complete ownership for construction access and maintenance of the site.

Borough’s gain

Borough Manager Nicole Beckett said Lehighton must also sort out the ownership of other parts of the site with neighboring municipalities before any kind of construction can begin.

Beckett said the project is expected to be fully funded through the Palmerton Restoration Trustee Council for construction costs for river access once the borough secures the property and access.

She said borough solicitor Jim Nanovic and borough engineer Bruce Steigerwalt will work on the legal and engineering aspects to include right of way, ownership and surveying.


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I would much rather see this land be developed into a recreation area with a boat launch because it will have a much better benefit to Lehighton than it being empty. AND I’m happy to see the borough of Lehighton posseing ownership of it rather than the county! Lehighton can maintain and grow this lot much better than the county. Local town government rocks!
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Carbon County buys the property for way too much money 400K comes to mind.Then after closing, a light bulb goes off, gee maybe we should have checked the land for contamination before we bought it. So then they pay for a study and yes it's contaminated,so they pay more money for environmental remediation. Then and this is the best part,the railroad won't allow them to build a road across the track in order to get to Route 209, so then they go to Mahoning township and they also say no to a road to route 209 ( I still don't understand that one) maybe the farmers running the township have plans to plant some corn in the future,
So now the land is worthless for industry even with rail and natural gas service (Their selling point to the public since the county commissioners dreamed up this boondoggle) and now they're giving it away. I don't blame them, if I was responsible for wasting tax payers money at this level I'd try to give it away too and make believe it never happen.
Just remember when the yards were purchased, there were two Democrats and one Republican in office. The Republican, Wayne Nothstein, was not in favor of purchasing that land. He was the minority in office and the other two Democrats were in favor. If anything will prevent development in that area it will be the right away on crossing those train tracks. Contamination can be addressed. Either way I hope our town can utilize it to benefit our community.
Yet one of the Democrats lost the next election ,then got appointed when the second democrat resigned and then got elected again. SOP in Carbon county politics

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